Old Coin - 1 gold

Description: Dusty old coin.

Coin - 2 gold

Description: Shiny new coin.

Old Ring - 3 gold

Description: Dusty old ring.

Opal - 10 gold

Description: A small rock, it looks nice.

Medal - 15 gold

Description: Shiny golden medal.

Emerald - 35 gold

Description: A shiny green gemstone. You feel something strange on your hand.

Special usage: Opens the Void door.

Sapphire - 35 gold

Description: A shiny dark blue gemstone. You become thirsty.

Special usage: Opens the Void door.

Ruby - 35 gold

Description: Shiny red gemstone. It is still warm.

Special usage: Opens the Void door.

Diamond - 35 gold

Description: A nice shiny blue gemstone. It freezes your hand by the slightest touch.

Special usage: Opens the Void door.

Lion Artifact - 50 gold

Description: New shiny golden artifact. It looks like a lion.

Common Artifacts

Cosmic Gem - 250 gold

Description: Rip Space to Travel (F9 for portal locations)

Special usage: Teleport around the map.

Weird Rock - 500 gold

Description: What is it?

Special usage: Unlocks the Altar of Time. Opens the Void door.


Phoenix Down - 4000 gold

Description: Grants you +1 life.

Special usage: Using it will restore 1 life to you if your life is lower than 5.

Artificial Soul - 10000 gold

Description: Needs info

Special usage: Grants you the race Wrathtaker upon usage.

Demon Horns - 15000 gold

Description: The remains of Inumusha's Army.

Special usage: Grants you the race Azael upon usage.

Obtainable items

Guitar - Bought for 15 gold

Allows you to play 2 songs.

Torch - Bought for 10 gold

Mobile light source.

Unobtainable items

Gift of Gold - 1000000000 gold

Looks like a normal gold coin.

Description: The gods are pleased!

Special usage: Sell it for a billion gold.

Restore - Cannot be bought/sold

Description: For restores only

Special usage: Acts exactly like a PD but doesn't have a life cap

Can only be spawned by mods.

God's fingernail - 2000000000 gold


Special usage: Grants you 2 billion gold when sold to a merchant.

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