Specs are exclusive perks that only selected/special people can obtain. They are unobtainable by normal means.

Current specs


Only the admin Dumb duck has it. Creates a black circle on the ground similar to Shadow Knight's dark grasp. Then, a purple forcefield appear around the edge of the dark circle. A series of loud quack soundeffects start playing as the players trapped inside start taking a huge amount of damage rapidly. Lasts for ~15 seconds.

Spec wormhole

Wormhole/cosmic gem but with more gate locations. See Gate locations for more info. Mods only.

Void peasant

Can only be obtained when given by a developer.

Void teleport

Creates a portal that teleports you to the inumusha's gate ritual room.

Void Render

An extremely busted race. iStunniq only.

Rending Void

Shoots a black orb that instant kills anything upon contact with it, 1.5 second cooldown. iStunniq only.

Gift of the Darkest Void

Restore from iStunniq.

Wet Fish

SLAPPY SLAP. No damage but immense knockback. iStunniq only.


Removes combat tag from everyone in the server. iStunniq only.

Death Denial

Spawns a Gift of the Darkest Void. iStunniq only.

VoidRot Dash

Modified assassin dash, instead of 500 speed for 0.2 second, it's 100 speed for 1 second. Same cooldown as assassin dash. iStunniq only.

Full Restore

Modified Cleanse, heals 50 health, nearly no cooldown. iStunniq only.

Void Absorb

Steals 75 health from the target clicked, affected by damage multiplier and has nearly no cooldown. iStunniq only.

Death Reversal

Spawns a tool named Restore, can be dropped and gives you +1 life upon usage. Mods only.

Hellblade Rain V1

The unnerfed version of Hellblade Rain.


Hellblade Rain V2

The nerfed version of Hellblade Rain, spec of StellarPowered. Spawns 2 red demonic spears that fires on the user's will. Creates a small AOE upon impact and deals 12 damage per spear. Spammable.

Solan Dagger

Psychic Spear

Comes with Undyne class.

hellfire, death and destruction

Manus Die

Creates a red flaming ball high above the casting location, then crashes down and explodes a few seconds later.



iStunniq only.

Energy Ball

Hold left mouse button to charge the ball. While charging the ball, you cannot use any other move. You can fire the ball at any charging capacity. Max charged ball instant kills anyone, even mods in god mode. 2 seconds cooldown. iStunniq only.

Sewer Slide

Just like any other slide in the game. Except it doesn't take away health when using it.


iStunniq only. Gives you 500 health, undyne race, undyne hair and undyne class. Undyne class comes with psychic spear.

Trinket tools

Tools to manage trinkets in a server. Only given by iStunniq.


Despawns all trinkets in the server


Spawns 200 trinkets in the server per use.


Spawns 1 artifacts in the server per use.

"Jester edict"

The one and only SCP994, the jester man only

Time Skip

Teleports to your cursor, 15 seconds cooldown.

Enhanced Gate

Wormhole/Cosmic Gem but with a lot more locations.

Jester's Sight

Basically observe in Rogue Lineage.

Jester's Greed

The exact same as Merchant edict Merchant's Sight.


Passive skill, dodges incoming attacks.

Removed specs

Sage crash

Similar to Dragon sage from Rogue lineage, will cause the user to fly in the sky and crash on the ground, producing an electricity explosion. [1]


i've been told that this is stupidly op

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