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There are classes that you can progress to in Eggy Lineage. You can find them in the main page. Classes are divided into 4 tiers: Base, super, ultra and uber. With uber supposedly being the most powerful. The higher the class's tier is, the harder it is to get. Players without a class are often called a "Freshie"


There are races in Eggy Lineage. They are automatically assigned to you when you join the game for the very first time and cannot be changed unless you pay robux to reroll your race/use an artifact/admin command. Every race has its own special racial abilities, and sometimes downsides. Some races are only available through artifacts and some are only obtainable if given by an admin.


Almost every class requires you to have an alignment in order to get them. There are 2 alignments. Chaotic and orderly. You can see your alignment at the bottom left corner of your screen. Negative being chaotic and positive being orderly. To gain chaotic, kill a zombie and get its heart or kill an ice giant to get an ice soul, then give it to the Mad Scientist located at the Solarian Desert. To gain orderly, do the same thing, but instead of giving it to the Mad Scientist, give it to the Monster Officer located in a house in the forest village. If you don't have an alignment, you're considered as neutral. Cleanser's Judgement Fist damage scales with how chaotic you are.


Hitting a monster with any form of weapon will give you weapon XP of the type of weapon you used. (Hitting a player will give you no XP, only monsters) There are currently fist XP, knife XP, sword XP and spear XP. Most classes require you to gain a certain amount of XP to get them.

Life system

Every player has 5 lifes before they "wipe". If a player dies 5 times without using a Phoenix Down to restore a life, the player's current character will wipe and be gone forever, all the progressions included. They'll respawn at The Edge, where they'll meet the Ferryman. There, they can choose to reroll their race, be resurrected with robux or reborn anew as a blank slate.


There's a currency in the game called "Gold". It's required to buy items from different shops around the map and get most classes. Players almost always trade with this currency for artifacts and items/services they need. It's always good to have a large amount of it. To get gold, find trinkets/artifacts randomly spawning around the map and sell them to merchants located around the map. Trinkets only sell for a small amount, at most 50 gold. While artifacts can sell for anywhere from 250 gold to 15k gold when selling to a merchant NPC. Killing a player will result in the player dropping half of their carrying gold. It's a pretty good method of earning gold if you're an ultra or an uber.

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